Do you, as professional Coach or Trainer, want to Automate your Prospecting without Technical Overwhelm and Wasting Time?

Are you a professional coach or trainer, and do you want to get high-ticket clients faster through automated marketing funnels and avoid technical overwhelm?

Great plan, though creating an automated marketing funnel, getting it up and running on autopilot involves a lot of work. And if building websites, creating sales funnels, and ICT automation are not your profession, it is best to get it done with solid systems and smart support.

Getting it done by someone on the same path and who's been through it for many years means the heaviest lifting is done for you! 

You'll see how a simple solution can improve your high-ticket onboarding. You'll notice how to generate the right leads, sales, and cash flow from your marketing funnels without getting overwhelmed by technical challenges. 

You can focus on becoming the authority in your niche no matter what your online experience level is. Then, as a result, your business flourish, your team can grow into something bigger without all the technical struggle, tedious, repetitive tasks, and high costs.

Just select a date and time that suits you to get a Free Talk With Coen call, and see what I can do for you to make it happen!

Get your high-ticket clients without having to worry about marketing and automation.


You just started your business and need a website and online strategy.

You have to go from an Offline Business to an Online Business.

You have developed an Online Business but need to update it in terms of technology or content.

Your current Online Business doesn't deliver enough of the right customers.

You have a success Online Business but you want to free up time and save money with automations and sales funnels.

In all cases, you have come to the right place...


Owner Tribal Earth Lifestyle

Unity within a company is perhaps the most crucial factor for success. Coen's drive, passion, and inspiration reinforce this unity within each company in a unique way. The training courses and workshops that Coen provides are genuinely contemporary and a must for any company looking for innovation and progress.
I got to know Coen as a person where the end is more important than the means. Positive progress with a smile.

Chris, Gerard, Merrilee & Sandrine - Australia

“We can’t believe we’ve been able to create the lives we have! It takes hard work and effort, but if you’re prepared to put in the work you can create an amazing lifestyle!”

Chris, Gerard, Merrilee, Sandrine

Founder The Sacred Voyage

Coen has good experience in entrepreneurship because of his many adventures, but what matters most is what he does with it; he uses extremely socially relevant work. He also know how to build a bridge between the mind-ruled Matrix and the heart's unexplored area through resonance, awareness, mindfulness, and bodywork. His work is perceived by many as a blessing, and he can be proud of it. We are happy to work with Coen. Keep up da good work!

Lars Faber - Owner

Owner Sacred Woman Ritual

Coen is one of a kind! He works very fast and he is very creative. He finds solutions for all challenges and has a toolbox full of systems to automize work, saving you a lot of time, energy and stress. His feedback is clear and honest, always focused on creating excellent results for his clients. To work with Coen, you'll get so much more then you asked for! Open up to expand your mindset because that will happen for sure when you work with him. Highly recommended to work with him.

Sumaya Femke Zwart - Owner Sacred Woman Ritual

Founder White Wind

Coen has inspired me to set up my company "White Wind," through your courses and sound-lounging concerts. Your approach is creative, professional, and transparent. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and fun.

Jan-Willem ter Balkt - Owner

Founder Sonnevelt Education

Coen is one of the purest feeling coaches I know. He has found the right balance between being able to empathize empathically and, at the same time, being able to define it clearly. His methods have a unique combination of conscious body experience, penetrating resonance, ​and honest feedback. He is also an amiable person who is a beautiful example of how you can combine work and care for your family.

Albert Sonnevelt - Owner

Amy Taylor - UK

“I left my corporate sales job 18 months after submitting my application having no idea what this was or what it could do for me… Everything you need under one roof to succeed at LIFE! I cannot thank you all enough.”

Amy Taylor - UK

Founder of The Modern Shaman

You rarely come across them, authentic trainers, coaches, storytellers. Coen is one of them. Someone who shares his passion with his heart and from his heart. It's all about resonance. If you want to experience what sound, voice, and movement can mean for you and want to do it professionally in a delightful atmosphere, go to Coen. Yes, you hardly see them that way. Thank you, Coen, for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Frank Bruining - Owner

RMD Coaching Counseling Consultancy

Coen is a very experienced facilitator with excellent knowledge of online business, the mind, and the body. He is enormously creative, a solid professional, and uses playful humor in his way of working.

Richard Dijkstra - Owner

Greg & Fiona Scott - New Zealand

“The training provided is world class. Whether you want the best skills to promote your own business or to learn how to make money on the internet. This training is an absolute must!”

Greg & Fiona Scott - New Zealand

Owner Academy Open Consciousness

I appreciate Coen as an exceptional trainer: he knows how to make people contact deeper layers. This is a safe setting with great expertise, accuracy, and a very unique approach. In his training, you can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Matthew Dacosta - USA

"I was also enrolled at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. I lost interest in their curriculum after beginning my training with the SFM, and gained more knowledge and value after only 2 days with the SFM than I had after 2 months at Full Sail"

Matthew Dacosta - USA

what you get

Why am I the right person to help you?

Why would you let me help you to build your automated marketing funnels? Good question. There are many other Online Business Coaches. So why me?

Knowledge of technology

I'm the right person if you are tired of paying high prices for your online business and not getting any results.

I've been developing websites since the 1993's.

I have HTML, PHP, MySql, WordPress, Sales Funnels for breakfast.

I can help you build a website that will attract your ideal clients.

Most web builders mainly understand the technology and build a pretty website. To also understand Online Marketing in your niche is crucial.

 Online Marketing

Marketing is all about your clients and their wants. 

I have tremendous knowledge of automated marketing funnels. And help you with the content and conversions.

I have been trained in Marketing and Business development by Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Aaron Fletcher, Brian Tracy, Todd Brown, Stuart Ross, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, and many more.

You will get more high-ticket sales. You will get it all done without wasting valuable time.

Coach, trainer, and advisor

Are you looking for a coach, trainer, or consultant who can help you grow your business and achieve your goals?

You have come to the right place.

I have over 27 years of experience as a coach, trainer, and consultant.

I focus on helping professional coaches grow their business through online marketing and automation.

I will help you get more sales and make more money. I'll do this by leveraging your online potential on autopilot.

Not only take my word for it but also my achievements...

Do you want to have your website and marketing up and running!

Getting support from someone on the same path and who's been through it for many years, means the heaviest lifting is done for you!

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