Build your own dream life, with the right tools and support, and take back your freedom.


Coen calls himself a "Tribal Coach,"  an expert in resonance awareness, group dynamics, and global networking, influenced by ancient communities and modern technology.

"I help Creative Free Souls to explore their potential. Build their dream life, with the right tools and support, and take back their freedom.

I've created the Free Soul Community for like-minded people, inspired by an independent free lifestyle. For me, a Free Soul is a creative mediator between the seen and the unseen, who can access wisdom, teaching, and healing from different stops on their spiritual journey and bring it back to help others to thrive. I love to be part of your journey, connect, and live life to the fullest. Feel free to join my community and set yourself free"

~ Coen Tuerlings ~

Learn new skills to generate financial freedom and live life to the fullest


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I'm an experienced entrepreneur since 1993 and have developed various techniques such as Tribal Coaching, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Circles, and Soundfulness, influenced by indigenous and ritual traditions.

These powerful techniques stimulate conscious contact with resonance awareness, group dynamics, and global thinking.

The information that becomes clear, between the seen and the unseen, gives access to wisdom and teachings and creates a holistic mindset to develop and help others thrive.

I work with international creative entrepreneurs in joint ventures. We bring together creative free souls, inspire each other, create healthy relations, and learn new skills to generate financial freedom and live life to the fullest.

Free yourself of the rat-race of being owned by companies, bosses, bills, and mortgages. We help you build a profitable 'online' business you love, cherish, and give value to society.

Take back your freedom, and live life to its fullest.


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Background Coen Tuerlings

In a TRIBE, the shaman has the task of finding special information through a change of consciousness in other levels of reality, serving the community. The word shaman comes from the Siberian Tunguz and means 'the ecstatic' or in other words; someone who can obtain information from different levels of reality by ecstasy or trance. A shaman can thus travel through the material level, the element level, the level of the mind and the level of the soul to find information that is of interest to the tribe.

In the West, the interest in Shamanism has increased due to the growing recognition of the collective consciousness, quantum physics and the experiences in the different levels of reality. Coen focused on Shamanic Practising since 1993 and has taken thousands of people in his resonant field to new insights and possibilities. Coen works closely together with healthcare institutions, wellness resorts, schools, companies and professional trainers where his experience in resonance awareness is invaluable.

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Influenced by |  Stuart Ross, Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Aaron Flecher, Christian Pankhurst, Jordan Peterson, Frank Middendorp, David Deida, Robert S. De Ropp, Daan van Kampenhout, Rupert Sheldrake, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Karla McLaren, Caroline Miss, Tony Robbins, Judith Orloff, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Toroa Aperahama, D. Ouspensky, Tom Kenyon, Karina Schelde, Chloe Goodchild, Shulamit Elson, Wasifuddin Dagar, Lama Tashi, G.I. Gurdjieff, Landmark Worldwide etc...