Why Clients Like Online Coaching

Why Clients Like Online Coaching

There are several reasons why clients like the idea of online coaching, which is all good news for you. In this article, we will look at the most important reasons why clients choose online marketing so that you can use this information to create the best marketing messages for your business.

Personal Attention

If you provide one to one life coaching, then clients will really appreciate the personal attention they are receiving from you and will be willing to pay a high price for this. Training courses are fine, but they do not offer that personal commitment that one to one coaching sessions do. 

Clients will look forward to their coaching sessions with you if you perform them effectively and make them feel good. They will want to book more sessions with you if you get the right results for them, so it is a win-win situation for you and the client.


Clients like the flexibility of online coaching. If they purchase an online training course from you, they can learn at their own pace whenever it suits them. They can choose live coaching sessions when they speak with you (within limits, of course).

Online coaching is fast replacing the classroom scenario where people have to travel and sit in a class and try to learn at the same speed as everyone else. Now a client can use their mobile device to learn while they are on the move as well.


When you provide live one-to-one coaching sessions with clients, you are accountable to them, and the client is responsible for you. During the coaching session, you can agree on both sides and monitor this so that the client gets the results they are looking for. 

There are many ways that you can keep track of these actions. You can use platforms where you can record actions and share them with your client, or you can just create a document and share this between you.

The fact that the client has a follow-up coaching call with you will pressure them to perform the actions on their side. You can send them reminders a few days before the next call as well. You need to complete your actions thoroughly and on time to prove to the client that you really care about them and want them to succeed.

Ease of Communication

You must respond promptly to any communications that you receive from your clients. This can be emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and so on. The client needs to feel that you care about them and are very responsive even outside of coaching sessions. 

You are their mentor

Whether you set out with this intention or not (and we believe that you should) provide online coaching services to clients, you become their mentor. They will feel very comfortable with this as it is always good to have an expert to turn to when you need help.

So we recommend that you tell your clients that you will be their mentor in all of your online coaching services, whether they are living or through training courses or your membership site. After a while, you can offer high ticket mentorship services to all of your clients.

So what do you think, is an advantage for your clients toward online coaching 

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